Shalabolinskaya Pisanitsa. Area 4a. Panel 1

Tracing the layers: The panel represents a single figure of a horse made with large non-deep pecked strokes (layer 1 - red). The figure is represented partially - we can see a head, a neck, a breast line and a front leg. Probably, this image was made during Neolithic. 

The horse image is covered with a modern vandalized inscription (layer 2 - green). 

A desert tan of the pecking significantly reduced the visibility of the images (Original view). Nevertheless, we can suggest the initial view of the main composition based on new damages. The new pecking was lighter than the intact surface (Reconstruction).

Demonstration of the "Reconstruction" tool

Original view - 3D-model of the panel without drawings

Reconstruction - a reconstruction of the main layer color + removal of the vandal inscription

Tracing the layers

Setting up the color and transparency of the layers is availible by the green button on the model.