Slab 3

This slab (stela) was found during the Okunev culture mound excavations in Ust'-Bur'. The slab has an image of an anthropomorphic mask made with deep carved lines in Okunev culture traditions of the early Bronze Age (III-II millenium BC) (Original view).

The stela was broken in ancient times (Drawing and damages) and was used when building the burial cist of the mound.

We reconstructed some lost details considering the symmetry of the structural elements of the Okunev masks (Final result of the reconstruction). 

Demonstration of the "Reconstruction" tool

Original view - 3D-model of the panel without drawings

Tracing and later damages of the slab

Reconstruction of the damaged part of the image

Final result of the image reconstruction

All the layers

Setting up the color and transparency of the layers is availible by the green button on the model.