Sukhanikha Mountain. Panel 1

Tracing the layers: The main panel composition is represented with massive animal figures made in Minusinsk style traditions (Neolithic) (layer 1 - red).

Also the panel has an animal head which covers the lower part of the largest figure of a red deer (?). The head was made during Neolithic epoch (layer 2 - blue). Besides, the panel represents two non-figurative images. Their creation time is not determinded (layer 3 - green).

A desert tan of the pecking significantly reduced the visibility of the images (Original view). Nevertheless, we can suggest the initial view of the main composition based on new damages. The new pecking was lighter than the intact surface (Reconstruction). 

The demonstration of the "Reconstruction" tool

Original view - 3D-model of the panel without drawing

Reconstruction - the reconstruction of the main layer color

Tracing the layers - different time compositions are marked with different colors

Setting up the color and transparency of the layers is availible by the green button on the model.