A fragment of a diadem (?)

A fragment of a decoration item in the form of a curved plate which has a well-grinded front (convex) surface. One hole (diameter - 2.5 mm) is fully remained on the fragment whether two others are poorly seen on the break edge. The item has an ornament that is along one edge. These are two parallel lines of drilled indentations (diameter less than 1 mm) connected with each other by one cut line. The distance between rows is 1-1.5 mm. Along the other edge, there are some V-shaped notches. 

Material: bone
Sizes: 68*37*2.5 mm
Region: Western Siberia
Archeological culture: Mesolithic
Site: Chernoozerie II
Storage location:

Omsk State Historical museum

Inventory number: ОГИК-9675


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