Tsagaan-Salaa. Block of Sandstone with a palimpsest

The 3D model is a shale outlier lying on the slope of the mountains in the valley of the river Tsagaan-Salaa. Petroglyphs, embossed on the most flat, located at an acute angle of the plane of the shale, are the so-called palimpsest. So called rock compositions in which the earliest deposited on the rock first blocked later. On the stone is the figure of the horse, made in the archaic manner, covered stamped over it with images of a later formation. It includes figures of deer, goats, bull, camel, as well as images of horses, made in a different pictorial manner. Unlike the ancients, contour drawings, broken tools, left a deep large footprints, more recent rock carvings were made in a silhouette manner, tool marks, shallow and more smooth. Previously, these two chronological layers in the rock art of the southern Altai are associated with the stone age and the bronze age.