Venus from Malta

Anthropomorphic sculpture made of mammoth Tusk. Unique finding. One of the first anthropomorphic images in history. Found in 1937 on the location of Malta (Usolsky district of Irkutsk region), is Dating L. 21-20 thousand BC Excavations directed by M. M. Gerasimov. Currently, the sculpture is kept in The state historical Museum (GIM 101937. Op. A1820 №209).

In total, more than 20 anthropomorphic sculptures were found at the location (by analogy with European anthropomorphic statuettes they are called Venus). This sculpture is an image of a woman with her arms crossed in the pelvis; with a schematically modeled face and hair; legs shortened. This sculpture is one of the most massive (approximate size 80*30*15 mm).

Material: mammoth Tusk
Technology: carving, grinding, polishing
Motif of decoration: anthropomorphic
Storage location: State historical Museum, Moscow


Dating: the end of the 21st century BC - beginning of the 20th Millennium BC.



80*30*15 mm.

Era: the upper Paleolithic
Archaeological culture:

Malta's upper Paleolithic

Archaeological monument:



Baikal region