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Mal'ta site is a component geoarchaeological object of the Upper Palaeolithic. It is located on the left bank of Belaya river, near Mal'ta vilage (Usolskiy district, Irkutsk region). The site was discovered in 1928 by Gerasimov M. who had directed the excavations up to 1958. 

The present stage of excavations of Mal'ta site started in 1981. Researchers of Irkutsk State University are taking part in it under the direction of Medvedev G. 

The total number of artefact having nowadays is more than 13 000 finds. Among stone tools there are numerous blades, points, scrapers, prismatic nucleares. Also there are many items made of antler, bones, and ivory: rods, awl, needles, handle tools. The most sighnificant artefacts are anthropomorphic and ornithomorphic statuettes, ivory plaques and items of personal ornamentation (such as pendants, lines, beads, bracelets, diadems).

Ornithomorphic sculpture
Ornithomorphic sculpture
Anthropomorphic stone figurine
Flying Bird
Man's figurine
Figurine of an adult woman
Sculpture "Man with a backpack"
Anthropomphic figurine
Heptomorphic sculpture